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關於計劃 About Project






1. 中小學教師培訓工作坊及回收設施實地考察

2. 桌遊活動宣傳講座及活動推廣

3. 全港中小學《港「識」回收》桌遊比賽

4. 協助參與桌遊活動的試點學校推行乾淨回收及升級重用工作坊


費用:全免,參與學校可獲贈最少 8 套《港「識」回收》環保桌上遊戲

The Association, together with the Environmental Campaign Committee and the Environment and Conservation Fund, brings a board game with the theme of "Correct Classification and Clean Recycling" to Hong Kong primary and secondary school students, which promotes the correct recycling knowledge in a lively and interesting way, so that students can integrate the knowledge learned into their lives through the games.
Objective: To respond to the current waste recycling policy in Hong Kong, use newly designed table games as teaching materials to teach students the correct classification and clean recycling.
Event Date: February to December 2021
Target participants: Primary 4 to Primary 6 students and Secondary 1 to Secondary Three students
Activity content:
1. Primary and secondary school teacher training workshops and site visits to recycling facilities
2. Board game event publicity lectures and event promotion
3. The competition in primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong
4. Assist the pilot schools participating in table games to carry out clean recycling and upgrading workshops
Places: 10 primary schools, 10 secondary schools
Fees: free, participating schools can receive at least 8 sets of board game

關於遊戲 About Game


Hong Kong landfills will be exhausted in the coming few years if we kept generating large amounts of waste. This board game aims at educating players about proper waste separation and clean recycling. Are you ready for the challenge?

遊戲玩法 Game Instruction

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遊戲配件 Game Components

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資助機構  Sponsor

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Environment and Conservation Fund 

環境運動委員會 (環運會)

Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC)


The Environment and Conservation Fund Ordinance (Cap. 450), which established the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF), was enacted in June 1994. The ECF came into operation in August 1994. Section 5 of the Ordinance (Cap. 450) provides for the Secretary for the Environment to act as the trustee of the ECF.


The Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) has been set up since 1990 to promote public awareness of environmental issues and encourage the public to contribute actively towards a better environment. Committee members are appointed by the Chief Executive. Representatives of relevant government departments, including the Environmental Protection Department, also sit on the Committee. 

主辦機構 Organiser



Green Come True 

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